2012 – Exhibition Athenaeum

2012 – Exhibition Athenaeum

Painting exhibition – ”ABSTRACT VISIONS”, Gallery ATHENAEUM, Iasi, Romania, 29 october-29 november, 2012 , Presented:

VALENTIN CIUCĂ (art critic) and

LIVIU BRATESCU (principal of Athenaeum) 

”It’s a really brilliant exhibition by the proposed values ​​and generosity.

Marinela Rusu’s artistic creation is clearly an original, mental construction – and I greet her mind and her ability to innovate, to leave the usual patterns.

The forms in her paintings seem sculpted in the fine material of colors (support on which are emerging some imaginary “pyramids”) and at the same time, shows us a drawing knowledge that is the basis of any quality paintings.

Marinela Rusu’s exhibition brings us a plus of knowledge and freedom, and a plus of creative imagination. It is somehow, an atypical, original exhibition.

The “love letters” which she presented us in this exhibition, mean talent and devotion and a good way to be always in light. Although she entered the Greek spirit, by the way of being and thinking, Marinela Rusu remains a gifted Romanian for psychological and philosophical analysis and she makes us proud where ever she is. Such a man, such a talent, that you can read in all possible keys, deserve our delight and appreciation.”  Valentin Ciucă






”Ziarul Evenimentul” 21 nov.2012

”Ziarul Evenimentul” 21 nov.2012




 Together with the beloved and well-known painter,

Viorica Toporaș:

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