The famous art critic Valentin Ciucă[1]

about the artist’s Marinela Rusu exhibition

(29 October 2012):

Marinela Rusu’s exhibition brings usa plus of knowledge and freedom, and a plus of creative imagination. It is somehow, an atypical, original exhibition. This modification of the aesthetic paradigm – a successful experiment – makes her to stand out from the mundane, to cross in a transcendental dimension, where things are just ideal or possible.

The forms in her paintings seem sculpted in the fine material of colors (support on which are emerging some imaginary “pyramids”) and at the same time, shows us a drawing knowledge that is the basis of any quality paintings.

The artist’s exhibition is a friendly one, in the sense that attract us in the fantastic game that exists independently, in these creations. We find “pairs” relatively synchronous (diptychs and triptychs) with complementary topics, in which one calls the other. In this pictorial space she gathered quite remarkable intellectual energy, in dialogue with the color and essence of the paintings, contained in images.

No doubt, it is an unctuous exhibition, full of substance, with a spiritualized matter through form and content but also, through the permanent metaphor, reiterated in each of the paintings. Her flowers are not the flowers in our vases but are a vision of the idea of flower.

Looking at theese paintings, I see a sidereal ballet, a movement on the surface, a verbiage in which occur the signs of time but also the signs of being. The search of self is the result of personal experience in the permanent dialogue with the universe. We can read many of Marinela Rusu’s paintings as a metaphor, ideal expression of a vast sky, which can be one of Ellada or of a Romanian space, where the flight is the metaphor of absolute freedom.

All her pictural gestures associate the abstract ideas with concrete, material things.

The artist’s impulsive touches, seem to be demanding the release from their strict canons of images, to rediscover the universe and reshape it in large areas of fresco.

We find here a mental construct, a creator who reveals also her femininity (not an erotic one) but the sensitivity and feminine way to carry on the creative world. Marinela Rusu’s artistic creation is clearly an original, mental construction – and I greet her mind and her ability to innovate, to leave the usual patterns.

It’s a really brilliant exhibition by the proposed values ​​and generosity.

The “love letters” which she presented us in this exhibition, mean talent and devotion and a good way to be always in light. Although she entered the Greek spirit, by the way of being and thinking, Marinela Rusu remains a gifted Romanian for psychological and philosophical analysis and she makes us proud where ever she is. Such a man, such a talent, that you can read in all possible keys, deserve our delight and appreciation.

1-Valentin Ciuca is one of the best known and appreciated art critics in Romania:

3-14 December, 2010 – “Emotions and sentiments”

“Marinela Rusu`s painting is favored by inspiration and also by the conceptual component of her paintings. It addresses a wide audience, having non-figurative and figurative images. In her paintings, the author uses a color palette of high vibration and training us also in a “world of sublime and transcendence”, as she herself says. Exuberant effort and inspiration will help her to reach the heights. We appreciate and congratulate her for tonight’s exhibition.”

prof. PhD. Dorin Lehaci

“In the Marinela Rusu`s paintings we find “Elevation”,”Floating”,”Silence,” “Dreaming “, feelings that we remember and that she enriches through artistic expression. She gives form, content and joy to our own feelings translating them into color and harmony. The author gathers, spreads and search for herself in her paintings. Search for herself in “Mycenaean vessels” that are not placed but are free, as we find them in our soul. She trembles in “Love” and also in “Emotion,” is stressed (in “Crossing at the subway”) and sometimes fear (in “Slip”). Is not lacking any human feeling, precisely because she knows them all, very well. “Elevation” in her paintings is not one-dimensional way, but involves a variety of possibilities and trajectories. “

prof. PhD. Laurențiu Șoitu

17 July-14 August, 2009, “Steps to the soul”

TOP ART Gallery

“…The Artistical … is that which, in the exhibition of Marinela Rusu, is found in maximum value.”

Romeo Ionescu (painter)

“What impressed me in Marinela Rusu’s painting, being an author who read philosophy and poetry, is the fact that she touches the essence of human beings, where no one sees the line between plans. In her paintings we can see thin lines that, under our eyes dissappear, allowing the colors to mix in a real rainbow, descending into new universes in our bodies … still sleepy. “

Elena Anton (poet)

“Marinela Rusu surprised by her paintings, made mostly in bright colors that go with the thought of the famous views of Kundalini energy, specific to human beings, symbols of millennia that always attempt to explain human soul.”

Cristian Tiron, publisher newspaper, “24: HOURS”, Iaşi

“Being a PhD, the artist’s main inspiration is from human condition and soul states covered by its spiritually. Suggestively entitled “Ego”, “Inspiration”, “Androgyn”, “Masculinity”, “Relaxation” her works express the feelings experienced in a man-lifetime. Also, titles like “Aroma of Greece” or “Nefertiti” make us to think about the ancient beauty, a source of inspiration to artists. Ancient beauty remained a standard until today; we will always refer to the Beauty of Egyptian, Greek or Oriental art ” said Marinela Rusu. Her painting in oil stay on, seeking nonconformist, free mind and tolerant visitors. “

Quote from article in the newspaper “Evenimentul Zilei”,

written by Carmen Baraboi

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