ARTISTIC EMOTION

         Each creator seeks to define his own creation, to present somehow his works, so to enter the public consciousness with his most representative message.

         For me, the artistic emotion comes from a deep vibration, where the subjective falls in touch with the universal. Mystery of creation dwells in the depths of the soul, in his call to self-questioning and philosophizing. How to explain the light wing that envelops you when your brush is looking for shapes and colors? How to explain the heart vibration which animates the bustling fingers on canvas? Is this intelligence, knowledge, life experience or pure desire to create a unique inner metamorphosis that leads to self-expression? As a psychologist and as an artist also, it’s hard to give a definitive answer.

         As for me, all I know is that my soul demands a metamorphosis in its profound essence and maybe the authentic one, melts in colours and extinguish the relativity words, for a light reflex of shades. My painting does not reflect the forms, landscapes and portraits. My paintings reflect the soul tremors, vibrations of the heart that is put in with the universe, who wants to find a forgotten matrix of humanity.

        Creation is, ultimately, an act of transcendence, a way out of subjective, a connection to the universal dimension of humanity. Any creation has its own philosophy. For me, to create means to enrich the beauty of the world, to bring joy, self-retrieval, release and harmony. In a world, often disharmonious, dissonant and even insensitive, art has its imperatives: it must restore the balance to bring meditation and self-reflection, to recognize the falls and triumphs.

        The painting, by its language of form and color, carries a similar effect on us with katharsis psychotherapies. That is why we frequent painting and exhibitions, because we always need the sublime breath, the ineffable mystery of the depths of the soul which alone, gives us the size of inner freedom.

       Art is an exclusive human privilege. The more diverse and sophisticated is the art expression, the deeper will be our human dimension. Artistic creation is born from an overflow soul, from the ability to live with intensity, both love and sadness, both fulfillment and loss. It has its real source in a unique power of the soul to self-analyze, to understand and express ourselves. Is a single act, unrepeatable, because there is a flow, an inner affective glowing core, which rise to the surface in new metamorphoses, new ideas and forms, in every moment.

      My painting, I like to think, express a philosophy of inner freedom, the deployment of conventional, a philosophy of enthusiasm, of vibrant living, optimistic, of fulfillment starting from the inner, from intrapersonal to interpersonal and social.

        An abstract painting is only a proposal. It is a seed. The viewer is the one to choose the angle and depth of his look, will find an interpretive pattern as a reflection of his own inner wealth. Every painting is a “link” to the inner world of everyone. Therefore, we all love art: in it we fiind ourselves as human beings and through it we probe the levels of our own conscience.

Marinela Rusu, 2012

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